Trade Me has recently released new shipping templates. This FAQ demonstrates how to set up new or update your shipping templates in Traderunner.

How to update/edit shipping policies 

  1. In Trade Runner, go to 'Settings - Trade Me - Shipping'
  2. You will see each existing policy in the table
  3. Click 'edit'
  4. You will need to add additional information to each template (see explanation below for each option) i.e.
    1. Shipping type - International sellers should use 'OTHER'. Choose a time frame that supports how long it will take to deliver. The delivery timeframe presented to Buyers on Trade Me is the shipping type + the handling time.
    2. Shipping region
    3. Handling time - Enter your handling time, or use this field to adjust the delivery timeframe seen by your buyers (see A above). 
    4. Order cut off time (in NZT and HH:MM format).
    5. Add-on fee (if applicable) - Use this to add additional charges if you select the 'with Signature' courier service option.

  5. Click 'Update'
  6. Make sure you do this for each shipping template
  7. Once all shipping templates are updated, Trade Runner will update your listings on Trade Me
  8. As mentioned in the overview FAQ the new shipping templates will be visible on your listings as they 're-list' on Trade Me, the shipping information won't be updated during a listing cycle.

Points to note when naming your shipping policies

  1. Max length of policy name is 50 characters  
  2. Must not contain $ symbol

Shipping options explained 

Shipping template name
Name your template - describe it so you know what it is e.g. Default, or Small items 0 to 2 kg.

This is not seen by buyers.
Use product groupCreate multiple product groups if you need different shipping for different types of products e.g. define a group by weight or destination.
Shipping on additional itemsSelect yes if you want to charge shipping for each additional item of a product.
Local pick up optionSelect this if the product can be picked up. See also Local pick up
Shipping costHow much you want to charge the customer for shipping; set to $0 if you want it to be free.
Shipping typeSelect the carrier you’re using. Note that the carrier name doesn’t currently display to buyers. If the carrier you prefer isn't listed, or you use multiple carriers, you can use the 'OTHER' option and select the product that best matches your delivery times.

If you're an international seller (i.e not based in NZ) or can't find your courier choose 'OTHER'.

Shipping destinationSelect the shipping destination.
Destinations are based on a location tree/hierarchy. Buyers will see the shipping rates relevant to their location when they search - it is a good idea to have one nationwide option so that as many buyers as possible can see your shipping estimates in search.
Handling time Select your handling time in business days. This is the amount of time it takes from an order being placed to you giving the package to your carrier, in business days.
Note that your handling time is added to the shipping type days to give the customer an estimate of the total number of days the item will take to arrive after purchase.
Order cut offLet customers know when an order needs to be placed for processing to begin on the same day. Enter in NZT and HH:MM format.
Addon feeIf you select the With the Signature option under Shipping type, the customer will see two shipping options on the listing – the price without signature and the price with signature, and they will be able to choose between the two.

Add any additional charges here if you want to charge for this option

Buyer view on Trade Me 

Listing page

  • If you use the 'Addon fee' the customer will see two options.
  • The time frame is calculated based on your handling time and shipping type with time frame you select e.g if your handing time is 1 day.


The buyer will have the choice on checkout to choose with or without the addon fee for a Signature service:

Search results page

  • Shipping cost and expected delivery time shown.

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