If you are a New Zealand based Retailer, you can now offer Local Pick Up on all/some of your products. This FAQ explains the criteria for local pick up and how to set it up.

Criteria for offering Local Pick Up

  • The payment method must be Ping or After Pay
  • Payment on pick up is not available
  • You are a New Zealand based Retailer
  • You can only have one pick up address
  • We do not have a Pick Up only option at this point but it will be available in the future


  1. No pick up - this is the default which means that the product will always be shipped.
  2. Buyer can pick up - the buyer has the option to either pick it up from one location or it can be shipped.
  3. Buyer must pick up - the buyer can only pick this up product up. e.g if its a bulky item you don't want to send. Use this with a product group to define those products that must be picked up.

How to set up Local Pick Up

Step 1: Update you Stores Page on Trade Me

  • You will need to include pick up information in the Stores description area of your Trade Me Store. Trade Me will need to update this information for you so please email and include your opening hours and address for pick up.
  • You will also need to provide pick up details (times and address) in the payment instructions email that is sent to buyers. To set this up navigate to the 'My Trade Me' tab on your Trade Me account and click on 'Payment instructions'. We recommend that you use descriptive terminology, for example - 'If the item is eligible for pick up...the pick up hours are.. 

  • Once this has been added proceed to Step 2 and 3 below.

Step 2: Enter your default Pick Up location

  • Login to Trade Runner and go to 'Settings - Trade Me - General'.
  • Scroll down to the section 'Your Default Pick Up Location', complete the address fields and click 'Update Settings'. e.g:
  • NOTE: If you do not enter an address, the order will sit in the status 'Retailer Notified Failure' and will not be sent through to your ecommerce system

Step 3: Set up Local Pick Up via the Shipping Options

  1. Go to Settings -Trade Me- Shipping
  2. Complete all steps by following this FAQ here.

Step 4: Select the products that are available for Local Pick Up via a Product Action

  • In Trade Runner, create a Product Group of the products that are available to pick up. 
  • Go to 'Products - Product Groups' and enter the criteria. If you want pick up on all products, just choose marketplace 'Trade Me' and leave all other fields blank'
  • Go to 'Products' - 'Product Actions' and click 'Create Local Pick Up'
  • Choose the product group you created above.
  • Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Trade Me'