There are two different syncs to keep your products up to date on Trade Me. This FAQ applies to users of WooCommerce.

Daily Full Sync

Trade Runner is set up to do a complete sync between your WooCommerce store, the Trade Runner and Trade Me once every 24 hours, usually at midnight. 

WooCommerce inventory is updated every 24 hours with the full product sync.

A full sync includes updating all product information including images, descriptions, price, inventory, titles etc. between WooCommerce, Trade Runner and Trade Me.

The time it takes for a full sync depends on the number of products in your WooCommerce store. You can increase the number of syncs throughout the day to update inventory however when your store is syncing you won't be able to perform all functions in Trade Runner for example map products to Trade Me categories. 

Incremental Sync

During the week, if any of the product information changes in your WooCommerce store e.g inventory, price, description, images then Trade Runner is notified of the change and is updated. We then send the change up to Trade Me. These incremental product updates happen in near real time*,  so your products are always kept up to date between your WooCommerce store, Trade Me and our Trade Runner.

 *your store will trigger an update job to alert us and in turn we trigger an update job to Trade Me.