As a retailer it is important for you to be able to have complete visibility across the lifecycle of your orders.  Not only for tracking delivery but also resolving customer disputes .

It is strongly recommended that a retailer provide both carrier and tracking information, however if you are unable to do so regularly then Traderunner have a configuration option to assist.

There are two Order Settings options available for Big Commerce retailers:

You can locate this option by navigating in Omnivore to Settings ->Administration -> Order Management.

(1) Mark orders as shipped if carrier and tracking code is not provided

By default, once the order status is "Shipped" in BigCommerce, we will mark it as shipped in Traderunner and the marketplace regardless of whether  it has carrier and tracking code information.  


(2) DO NOT mark an order as shipped unless carrier and tracking code is provided

If your business process is to mark the order as 'Shipped' and then add this information we will hold the order as pending until we see the shipping information.

 Please note if this is ticked and you do NOT provide tracking details your orders will remain as pending Shipment in the marketplace.


In BigCommerce:

To enter the carrier and tracking information 

For Australian and NZ based retailer Choose "Other" from the dropdown under How would you like to ship?

your drop down suppler list and the relevant tracking ID.

Every few hours or so, we retrieve order updates from Bigcommece. 

Once the order is fulfilled in Bigcommerce and the information is retrieved, the shipping info will be updated in TradeMe.

Please be aware that the update to TradeMe doesn't happen instantly when you fulfil the order in Bigcommerce.