This article outlines the steps required to install the Magento 1 Trade Runner extension and create a Trade Runner account.

  1. There are 2 ways that you can install the Trade Runner Magento 1 Extension, please choose from the following and follow the steps outlined in one of these support articles:
    1. Installation/Upgrade of the Magento 1 Traderunner extension manually via Magento Connect Manager
    2. Installation/Upgrade of the Magento 1 Trade Runner extension from archive
  2. Once you have installed the Trade Runner extension, you should be able to see Trade Runner in the top navigation menu of Magento admin:
  3. Enter the name of your store, your email address and accept the Ts and Cs and click ‘Check Connection’. If you encounter connection issues, please review the support article Trade Runner Magento 1 - connection troubleshooting
  4. It may sync for a few minutes while we retrieve your data fields. 
  5. Map your Magento data fields to Trade Runner data fields. What we are doing here is making sure we use the right data from Magento to create your products in Trade Runner. Click the yellow rectangle on the left and drag across to the right. You can change these later if you need to. Once all fields have been mapped, click the "Finish" button to continue set up. 
  6. Complete your contact details and click 'Next'
  7. Follow the sign up flow – it will step you through key settings that you need to set up for the Trade Me marketplace. Once you have finished set up of key settings, you will be taken to the Dashboard, where you can follow any prompts that appear to set up your marketplace. For further steps see How to set up Trade Runner