Q: App error: It seems you have found an error If you have previously installed Trade Runner, try uninstall and then install again.

If you receive this error when trying to launch Trade Runner from BigCommerce then the following reasons may apply:

Accessing Multiple BigCommerce stores from one BigCommerce login

  • If you have access to multiple BigCommerce stores from one BigCommerce login and try to open Trade Runner its likely that you will receive this error. 
  • If you need to access Trade Runner for multiple BigCommerce stores please contact support and we will create a separate login. Please provide proof e.g a screenshot of your BigCommerce which shows the stores you have access to.

You have switched from BigCommerce to Shopify (or Vice Versa) and you have kept the same store name

  • If you have the same name in BigCommerce as in Shopify, for example if your Store is called "All that digi' in Shopify and in BigCommerce you will receive this error.
  • Please contact support as we will need to remove the old store