On occasion, an error will be reported by BigCommerce when Trade Runner tries to create the order in the BigCommerce system.

Below are listed the usual error messages and their explanation.

BigCommerce Error Message             Explanation
 Cannot find product variant, sku: 1234567890, retailerRef: 54321012345 (this is an example, actual numbers will vary)
The product or the variant cannot be found in Trade Runner, thus it cannot be sent to BigCommerce.

This could happen if you've deleted the product in Bigcommerce, make it unavailable or sometimes when it runs out of stock. T

This error could also happen if the product used to have no options, it was purchased on Tradeas such, but then you added options in Bigcommerce. See below for the same use case.
[{"status":400,"message":"The options of one or more products are invalid.","details":
"Awesome Product","required_product_options":[{"id":151,"option_id":59,"display_name":

The current product in BigCommerce has options ("Colour" in the above example), but the product in Trade Runner that was listed on Trade Me doesn't. Most likely you have recently added the options to BigCommerce.

In this case you will need to manually deal with the order, likely you'll need to contact the buyer and confirm what option they want, create the order in Bigcommerce and cancel the order in Trade Runner.
 [{"status":409,"message":"Quantities of one or more products are out of stock
or did not meet quantity requirements.","details":{"errors":[{"type":"OutOfStock",
"product":{"id":32,"name":"[Sample] Tomorrow is today, Red printed scarf","inventory_level":0,"url":
The product is out of stock, i.e. inventory quantity is zero in BigCommerce. Either increase the inventory and resend the order or cancel the order in Trade Runner and refund the customer via Trade Me.