Before you start selling via Trade Runner you will need to set up a Trade Me account. Please take a look at our Trade Me Set Up Checklist

If you are a BigCommerce retailer you can use our Trade Runner app to list all your products from your BigCommerce Store on Trade Me. To install the app and complete the set up follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Trade Runner listing in the BigCommerce app store. Or search for Trade Runner in the App marketplace of BigCommerce, 
  2.  Click 'Install' (the blue button on the right)
  3. Click 'Confirm'
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and click 'register'
  5. Enter your contact details and the currency that your BigCommerce store is set up with e.g AUD or USD etc. Accept the terms and conditions, then click 'Next
  6. Next screen you will be asked to allow Trade Runner to connect to Trade Me on your behalf. Please click 'Link account' to go to Trade Me.  

  7. When you get to trade me please login using your Trade Me username/email address and password.
  8. You will then be redirected back to Trade Runner.
  9. Next step: Enter a price for your standard shipping in $NZD. If you want to add more shipping options or change your shipping you can later.
  10. Choose the most common categories you will list your products in.
  11. This is the end of the sign up process and you should then land on the Dashboard.

  12. If there are any oustanding set up requirements, you will see them in the red notification panel.
  13. Finally, all you need to do is map products to Trade Me categories to list products.