Free shipping on a select group of products using a product group.

  1. Select "Products --> Product Groups" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the "Add a product group" button.
  3. Enter a name e.g Free shipping 
  4. Choose which products should get free shipping by using the criteria available (price, weight, retailer or marketplace categories, brand etc).
    In this example, we want to give free shipping to products that are priced over $100. 
  5. Enter $100 in the field Minimum Price.
  6. Click 'Create product group'
  7. Now go to 'Settings - Trade Me - Shipping' and click 'Add new shipping template.

To continue with the setup of free shipping using this new product group simply create a shipping template under "Settings --> Trade Me --> Shipping" from the left-hand navigation, and enter $0 for the price, following this FAQ here.

Once you have created your new product group, and your new shipping template with the product group assigned to the shipping template go to the dashboard and click the "Upload to Trade Me" button, so that the settings are updated on Trade Me.

Points to note when naming your shipping policies:

Max length of policy name is 50 characters  

Must not contain $ symbol

All products with a price over $100 will now have free shipping.

Necessary Reading