To set up shipping where the products weight determines the cost of shipping, you first need to create product groups in Trade Runner. This FAQ will instruct you how. A product group is a group of products based on a criteria, in this case the criteria is weight. Once you have created a product group, you then attach the product group to a shipping Template.

Important to Note

Please review the following scenarios around weight based shipping and how charges are applied using this example.

Product Weight    Shipping Charge
Under 1 kg$5
1-3 kg$10

  • Weight based shipping is based on the product. If Product X weighs 400g, the customer is charged $5. 
  • You can choose to charge for additional items of product X or not, if you do charge for additional items the customer will be charged $5 for each item, if they buy 3 of Product X, they will pay $15 for postage.
  • You cannot have one shipping cost based on the total weight of all products. If a customer purchases multiple products, shipping costs are determined by each product. For example, if a customer purchases Product X which is 500g and Product Y which is 2kg, they will be charged $5 + $10 =$15. 
  • If you have products with different sized variations e.g small 1 litre or large 5 litre, the same shipping charge is applied to all variations. You can get around this by doing Shipping at the cart level. Please email if you need to set this up.

How to setup weight based shipping

To create a product group:

  1. In Trade Runner from the left hand menu navigate to 'Products' then 'Product Groups'
  2. Click 'Add a product group'
  3. Enter the name e.g 3-5kg 

  4. Enter the weight range. In this example Minimum weight = 3 and maximum weight = 5 kg.
  5. Click 'Create product group'
  6. You should see it here:

  7. Now go to "Settings - Trade Me - Shipping"
  8. To continue to Create you Shipping Template and assign your New Product Group to that shipping template follow the steps in this FAQ here.