Woocommerce allows variant attribute customisation; this means that Omnivore users need to apply field mappings so that we can fully import and build products that have variants to ensure the marketplace will accept them.  Failing to do this may result in validation errors such as:

variants do not have unique attributes

As a general rule for Woocommerce please check your field mapping in Trade Runner, the steps below cover how to do this.

How To Fix

  1. The first thing to do is look at the products in Omnivore, in most cases they will have product variations.
  2. Find the products in Woocommerce and note what the variant name is.  E.g. is it size, colour, style, design etc.
  3. In Omnivore navigate to Settings - Woocommerce Feed - Map Fields, on this page you can map your Woocommerce fields to our product fields.
  4. Scroll down to find Variant Attributes.  Click into the values field next to Variant Attribute and see the options appear, scroll thru the option that appear to add into the data field.
  5. Click Update Mappings.
  6. Once all fields are mapped go to the Dashboard and click Import from Woocommerce.

Points To Consider

  • Size can be directly mapped to Size
  • If there is a + you can add many fields.
  • Colour can be directly mapped to Colour
  • This change won't take affect until you do an Import from Woocommerce.
  • Both colour and size fields can have more that one field mapped.