If you need to change the category a product is mapped to you can delete the category it has been assigned to and choose a new one.

Delete or change a category

  1. If you have used suggested categories you can simply click between suggestions.
  2. You can click the 'Delete the product rule' link
  3. Once the category assigned has been deleted, you can then then choose a new category.

Same for Category to Category

Override a category rule with a single product mapping 

If you have assigned a Trade Me category to a retailer category, but there are a couple of products that don't fit the Trade Me category you can override the rule and assign a different category to those products.

  1. Under the Category Mapping tab, view by 'Product'
  2. Search for the product you want using filters then click 'Choose other category' 
  3. Find the relevant category by searching or by the category tree, the predictive search by typing or suggested and click 'Save category'
  4. The product will then show the new category it is assigned and you can delete and reapply if necessary.