Installation and Set Up

To connect your Magento store, there is a plugin available in Magento Connect. The plugin connects to Magento via the APIs so it will not conflict with any customisations that you may have made to Magento.


Products & Synching

The system will do a full product sync with your Magento store every 24 hours, this is usually scheduled around Midnight however you can schedule this to happen more than once in a 24 hour period at different times throughout the day.

In between each product sync, inventory is updated across the system and your linked Marketplace every 20-30 minutes, but this will vary depending on the number of products and speed of Magento server. 



The system will check marketplaces for Orders every couple of minutes. When an order is found, we import the order into the system and send it through to Magento for fulfilment and update the inventory in Magento.

In the event that there is a problem sending the order from the system to Magento, you will receive a notification via email and also in the dashboard. The problem is usually a quarantined order i.e payment for the order has not been confirmed or a Retailer Notified Failure where there is no stock for an item.


Choosing which products to List

Category Mapping - All products listed for sale on a marketplace must be mapped to a marketplace category – this is called Category Mapping in the system. E.g your retailer category may be ‘Womens Shoes’ but the Marketplace Category may be Womens Shoes~High Heels. Category mapping is a feature of the system which will map your products to the right marketplace category. Once you have mapped a product to a category it will list on the marketplace.

Blocking Product - If you would like to block products from listing, you can either search and select products individually or block by using Keywords or Brands.


Optimising your products for selling on the marketplace

You can make changes to your products in Traderunner instead of changing them in your Magento store.

Price – use the Promotions feature to increase or decrease price for a group of SKUs or apply the price change to all products.

Product Title – Use Traderunner to optimise your Product Title e.g you can add rules to add the name of the brand or the colour or a word such as NEW to the product title to maximise the chance of your product appearing in search result on the marketplace.

Bundles – create product bundles of products for example if you sell appliances you could create a bundle with a toaster and a kettle and set the price.