If you change your log in password to Trade Me this will break the connection from Trade Runner to Trade Me.

The same applies if you change your trade me ID or username, this too will break the connection.

You may not be able to see an alert in Trade Runner that indicates the connection to Trade Me is no longer working but you may experience the following:

  1. Orders not syncing
  2. Products not updating
  3. Inventory not updating
  4. Sync and Feeds failing.

Please follow these steps if this is relevant:

Contact traderunner@trademe.co.nz with your trade me account name and let them know that you recently changed your log in details to trade me and therefore they need to reset your auth token from Trade Runner to Trade Me.

Once they confirm the authorisation has been reset, launch Trade Runner and manually click Upload to Trade Me to ensure a full sync happens.

 Please note that at any time you do need to reset your trade me password you will also need to follow this process to ensure Trade Runner is connected correctly and therefore updating.