• It is best practice to provide shipping and tracking information back to the Marketplace when an order is fulfilled 
  • Traderunner will check Shopify every two hours to see if the status of a pending order has changed to shipped, if it is marked as Shipped this with the tracking will be sent back to the Marketplace.
  • Tracking and carrier must be provided at the same time when you mark the order as fulfilled, if you do not do this at the same time we may not retrieve the tracking unless you use a specific setting in the system - see below Timing of adding Tracking information when you mark the order as shipped
  • If you have a tracking number, you need to provide both the Tracking number and the Shipping carrier, most marketplaces require both.

How to Mark the order as Shipped in Shopify

In Shopify, go to the Order and enter the tracking number and the carrier. If you do not have a proper tracking ID leave it blank. Do not enter comments or n/a or no or - o. Leave this field blank if you do not have a proper tracking ID. Likewise, you must have a recognised Shipping Carrier name entered not Courier or other etc.

Timing of adding Tracking information when you mark the order as shipped

  • If your business process is to mark the order as 'Shipped' and then add tracking later then select DO NOT mark an order as shipped unless carrier and tracking code is provided - we will hold the order as pending until we see the shipping information, even if the order is "Shipped". NB: if this is selected and you do NOT provide tracking details your orders will remain as pending shipped in the marketplace.
  • To set up, go to Settings ->Marketplace Name (eg Trade Me) -> Shipment Controls

  • You this setting to determine how you want to handle tracking.  By default it is ticked, if you untick it orders will be marked as shipped.

Passing Tracking Information from Shopify -> Traderunner -> Marketplace

  • For Traderunner to extract Order Tracking and Carrier information from Shopify on your orders, you can add it to the Order as either a tracking number and shipping company OR a tracking url.
    By default the tracking number and shipping company are used, however if the shipping company is Other then the tracking url is expected.
    The following section details how to extract a tracking number and shipping company from the tracking URL.  
  • To set up, go to Settings ->Shopify Feed -> Tracking and Carrier Information.

Traderunner preformatted rules

The easiest option is use Traderunner preformatted rules eg the preformatted Fastway AU rules are as follows:

If your order tracking URL details were entered as

The Fastway rule above would see that is in the text and that a tracking code could be extracted between '/track-your-parcel?l=' and the end of the text

Adding a new custom rule

If your Carrier and Tracking is not being imported from Shopify with an existing rule, you can create one.
Click 'Add a new rule' at the bottom right of the preformatted rules.

A new window will open, fill in these details

  1. Priority of the rule. 
  2. Name of the carrier this rule is for. 
  3. The text in your Shopify entry that identifies the carrier.
  4. The text that identifies the start of the tracking code.
  5. The text that identifies the end of the tracking code. This can be left empty if there is no text after the tracking code
  6. Hit "Save"

This will add a new a rule custom rule that will appear in yellow and can be edited later if required.

Every few hours or so, we retrieve order updates from Shopify. 

Once the order is fulfilled in Shopify and the information is retrieved, the tracking information will be updated in Trade Me.

Please be aware that the update to Trade Me doesn't happen instantly when you fulfil the order in Shopify.