If products imported from Shopify have incorrect prices or show the wrong amount of GST, it is possible that GST is not configured properly in your Shopify store.

If you sell products that include a GST component, your store settings should reflect this.

An example is provided below, but please check out the Shopify documentation for more info on Tax Settings.

Left menu bar, Settings (bottom option) -> Taxes (see screen capture)

Then go to the specific country and click edit

 Tax Settings for Australia should look like this.


Tax Settings for New Zealand should look like this.

After you have correctly set up the Taxes at the store level, you will also need to set each individual product. 

This is required for your prices to work correctly with  our platform even if you have defined tax of zero.

For a single variant product, the checkbox "Charge taxes on this product" is right below the Price in the Pricing section of the main product screen, as shown below:


For product with variants, you will first need to go to the variant edit screen, it becomes highlighted when you hover over it. 


Then navigate to the "Charge tax on this product" tick box, as shown below. Tick or un-tick depending on if the product is to be taxed or not.

Ensure to click Save after your changes.

Once all the appropriate tax settings have been checked and changes saved, go to Traderunner and run a full import, by clicking "Import from Shopify"

When that has completed, check the pricing and GST on any product page within Traderunner.