If you are a seller based outside of NZ and sell your products on Trade Me which are then shipped to NZ, there are a few things you should know:

GST on International Purchases

From 1 December 2019, Trade Me will be required to collect GST on all international purchases by Kiwi buyers. GST will be applied to the total purchase cost, which includes both the item and shipping. More info here Tax and Currency Exchange. If you are using Trade Runner, you don't need to do anything - Trade Runner sends the price of your products less any tax from your home country. Trade Me then adds the NZ GST to your listing price. Trade Runner also creates the listings as 'Buy Now' and the payment options available to buyers are Ping and Afterpay.

Your Pricing on Trade Me

To find out how your products are priced on Trade Me, see the article Tax and Currency Exchange.

Converting Foreign Currency to NZD

Trade Runner converts your ecommerce site currency to NZD. Read the article Setting the Currency Exchange Rate if you want to change the default exchange rate.