This FAQ discusses options for putting your Trade Me store in Holiday Mode. Note, there is no way to directly put your Trade Me store in offline or holiday mode.  But there are some steps we can do that will remove your listings but keep your store active and the Trade Me Team can do this for you, Trade Runner Support cannot.

What To Do

If you would like to put your store into holiday mode please do the following:

  1. Log into Trade Runner and put your Trade Me Integration into Pause Mode, this can be done on Settings - Trade Me - General Page - Integration Status Heading.  You will see an option to 'Pause'.
  2. Once Paused contact Trade Me directly and tell them you want to put your store in holiday mode.
  3. They will let you know when that is done.
  4. You will need to contact them again when you holiday mode period is complete.

Trade Me will remove your listings on the marketplace and then relist your products so they are once again visible in the marketplace when the holiday mode is over.  You then need to go back into Trade Runner and Unpause your Integration.  

While your Trade Runner account is Paused you will still be able to launch the Trade Runner/Omnivore App in your eCommerce store but it will say 'Paused.

Things to Note

The way products are removed and then relisted for holiday mode does not incur extra fees.   If you have paid for Trade Me extras the fees associated with those extras will not be refunded, and they will be charged again once your products relists.  

Please contact the Trade Me Support team for more explanation on listing fees and holiday mode.

If you have a Trade Me Account Manager we recommend letting them know that you wish to put your store into holiday or offline mode.