The following are common errors Traderunner may encounter when trying to send an order from Traderunner to Magento with how to resolve.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find a Magento mapping for shipping method....

The shipping method could then be

For Magento 1 retailers: Please refer to the FAQ: Cannot find a Magento mapping for shipping method

For Magento 2 Retailers, please contact support to resolve your Magento Shipping Methods. This product is currently out of stock.
It means the product in the order (or one of the products for a multi item order) is out of stock in Magento.
In this case you can either:
  • Cancel the order in TradeRunner by using the "cancel" button at the top of the Order page. You will also need to refund the order in the marketplace:
    How to refund customers
  • Get more stock for the product in your Magento system, then "send to retailer again". Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
Or any response code in the range 400 or 500.
It means there's likely an issue in the Magento server configuration, Magento user permissions or file system permissions.

We recommend:
  • Enable logging in your Magento system, locate the System and Exception log files.
  • Send again the order to Magento by using the "send to retailer again" button in Trade Runner.
  • Observe what Magento writes to both the system log or the exception log. 
  • If you can't fix it, please raise a support ticket, and attach the relevant data from the log files.
State does not appear to be correct - please check address ,
This means your Magento is rejecting the order due to the State is incorrect,
  • To resolve, got to the order page, check the State in the address section.
  • Click edit to update the State and update.
The order cannot be created in Magento due to these errors: Please check shipping address information. Please enter the telephone number.
This means your Magento is rejecting the order due to the there being no phone number supplied by the marketplace.

To resolve, got to the order page,
  • Click edit in the Customer details section and enter a "fake number".
  • Click update,
  • If required, click "resend to retailer" button on the order page.

The order cannot be created in the retailer backend system due to these errors:

Magento 2 failure:The requested Payment Method is not available. 

The Traderunner Plugin uses a specific Payment Method that is custom within the App and cannot be changed or disabled. If you have disabled or removed this payment method in any way in your Magento Store we will not be able to send orders to Magento as 'Payment Method' is required.

To resolve: check and re-enable payment methods in Magento so that Magento can accept payment methods from Traderunner.
If you have a Magento Developer they may need to check this for you.

The order cannot be created in the retailer backend system due to this error:

Error = Magento 2 failure:The product's required option(s) weren't entered. Make sure the options are entered and try again

Traderunner does not support Magento Options, as we  cannot push that data to the marketplace

You  either have to make the required options not required in magento

or manually handle  the order 

if you cannot turn off the required options permanently they should block the product from listing.

The work around is to make that product configurable and relist.