Visually on the Order page

When you look at the order in Shopify, the source can be seen in a few places:

  1. Shopify automatically show the information in the order title line: "from Trade Runner" and in the Timeline: "... placed this order on Trade Runner"
  2. Trade Runner sets these data fields when the order is created: 
  3. The Notes field contains the Trade Me order number 
  4. The Tags field contains "trademe"

In the Shopify data

If you need to export and use the Shopify data outside Shopify, look for these:

"tags": "trademe",

"source": "trademe",

"note": "Trade Me order number: 199457911489",

"referring_site": "",

You can see the data hold within Shopify by appending ".json" to the url of the order page, in the example above that will be:

For an explanation of Shopify order data see Shopify Order API