A Product Groups is a group of products that you have defined by a criteria; for example you can create a group of products by:

  • Weight
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Your retailer category
  • The marketplace category your products are listed under
  • Specific SKU numbers as they appear in Trade Runner

Note on SKUs

  • When you create the product group, the SKU you need to use is the data field that we call SKU in our system.
  • To find out the SKU, go to the Product page in our system - the number we call SKU is on the product page.
  • You can easily get a list of these numbers by exporting them to CSV - search or filter for the product(s) you need and click 'Export to CSV'

A further note for Shopify and Bigcommerce Users:

The actual field in Shopify and Bigcommerce called SKU is not a mandatory field nor a required field, for this reason some retailers do not populate the SKU field.  Our App must have a SKU as part of the marketplace listing requirement and because we cannot rely on these platforms providing that data via the SKU field we use the Product ID to create a SKU in Our System.  This SKU in our system cannot be edited and it must be used when creating product groups and promotions etc.  

Once you have created the product group, you can then apply certain features or changes to that group of products such as:

  • Shipping; create Product Groups based on Weight or Price and then specify different shipping charges
  • Product Titles: create Product Groups based on categories and add key words or rules to optimise product titles
  • Add an Image to a group of products e.g a size chart based on a product group of a particular brand
  • Add Trade Me promotional features such as Gallery
  • Change the price; create a Product Group and change the price of just those products
  • Add AfterPay as a payment method

To create a Product Group:

  1. Go to 'Products - Product Groups'
  2. Add a name and select the criteria for the Product Group
  3. Save
  4. The Product Group will then be available to choose when you want to use features such as Shipping, Promotions, Product Titles, etc.