Here are our top 10 tips to get you setup for success on the Trade Me marketplace.

  1. List ALL available inventory
    Make sure all products that can be sold in NZ are listed.
    Map your products to the most relevant Trade Me categories to list products
    See: How do I map categories?

  2. Optimise product titles
    The first 3 words of the title have the most weighting. Its recommended that Brand, Item and Colour are used.
    You can edit individual titles under ‘Products’
    You can also add rules to apply to all titles.
    See:  How do I modify my product title(s)?

  3. Add a product subtitle
    A product subtitle is 50 characters and sits under the product title on Trade Me search results and listings.
    Add it to promote a key selling point e.g free shipping, good returns policy, guaranteed delivery etc.
    See: How do I add a product subtitle?

  4. Product descriptions
    Descriptions can be up to 2048 characters long on Trade Me.
    Add additional information to each description including:
    - custom and duty wording if you’re a seller located outside of NZ
    - returns, about us, shipping, delivery timeframe, contact us – link back to Trade Me (no external).

    Using our system, you can edit individual descriptions, or apply a rule across all listings.
    See: How do I edit my product description(s)?

  5. Images
    Product images must be:
    - large, clear images of the item for sale
    - any watermarks must be small and transparent, used to show ownership or attribution only.
    - photos must clearly show any product flaws or defects.

    Other items in the photo are only there to help the buyer (e.g. to show scale/sizing).
    See: the TradeMe photo and video specifications here

  6. Shipping
    Offer free shipping if you can.
    If you offer free shipping, your products will appear when people use the Free Shipping search filter.
    Have free shipping promotions that are marketed to the member base.
    See: How do I offer Free Shipping?

  7. Gallery and feature promo tools
    Trade Me offer additional promotional features such as gallery and feature, to help draw attention to your listings on Trade Me.
    See: How do I add promotional features?
    Note: these promotional features can incur additional fees/charges. Please see here for more info

  8. Afterpay
    Afterpay offers buyers a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment option.
    Buyers who choose Afterpay can purchase items and pay them off in four fortnightly interest-free payments. You get paid up front and Afterpay organises the payments with the buyer.
    Afterpay average sale price (ASP) is 24% higher than the regular marketplace ASP.
    If you offer Pay Now then adding Afterpay to your listings is easy
    See: How do I enable Afterpay?
    See here for Afterpay cost and info

  9. Strike thru pricing (STP)
    STP is automatically applied if the sale price is less than RRP.
    Note: A 28 day rule applies – the product has to be advertised at the RRP for 28 days to be able to offer Strike Through Pricing.
    Having STP, will automatically place you on the deals page on Trade Me.
    STP is one of the search filters buyers can use to filter results: Afterpay, Free Shipping, Pay Now/Ping and Buy Now, On Sale (STP)

  10. Competitive pricing
    Make sure products are competitive when including shipping costs.
    Review competitors products on Trade Me.
    You can use our system to change pricing on Trade Me without changing pricing on your ecommerce store
    See: How to I change my product price(s) for TradeMe?