Basic Troubleshooting


  • You have installed the extension
  • The Trade Runner item appears in the menu bar in Magento 2
  • The page contains the button Go to Trade Runner, but when you do that the next page shows an error message, eg:

The usual reasons for errors are these:

1. A firewall is blocking access to the Magento server

Your server might have configured a firewall or some other IP based filtering. If this the case you'll likely see an error stating any of the following:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Remote error: Connection timed out

java.lang.RuntimeException: Remote error: Connection refused (Connection refused)

To resolve, please whitelist the IPs of our Production servers:  (see here for full list

The above errors might also occur if the protocol (http or https) is wrong, for instance your server can only do http but the endpoint is entered as https, or vice a versa. 

2. Invalid SSL certificate

If the endpoint is secure, ie uses https, make sure your SSL certificate is valid. A self-signed certificate is usually not enough.

An easy method to check the SSL certificate is to use the Qualys SSL Server Test

Pay attention to expiration date and chain issues. 

If you are still stuck, please contact us with a full description and screenshots if possible of any errors etc.

The screenshot should include the url visible in the address bar and as much from the page as practical.