TradeRunner allows you to modify product titles for Trade Me individually, or for all products by creating a product naming template.

Modify product titles individually

  1. To change an individual product title, use the left hand menu to select Products  - Trade Me - Manage Listing.
  2. Locate the product you wish to modify and click on the product title (as shown in the screenshot below) and enter the desired Trade Me product title you require.
  3. Click the blue tick to confirm the title change.

Create a product name template for a Group of Products

  1. This is useful if you want to add keywords to a group of products. 
  2. To create a product name template for a group of products, go to 'Products - Product Groups'. 
  3. Click 'Add a product group'. Define the group of products you want to have the product name rule applied to.
  4. Go to 'Products - Product Actions' then click the button 'Create product names'. 
  5. Complete the required fields and make sure you select the Product Group you created.
  6. This one below will add New and improved'' to that product name - eg 'New and improved $productName'

Create a product naming template for ALL products

Go to Settings  - eCommerce Name Feed - General and scroll down to the section titled Configuration to find the Product name template box

If you leave product name template blank and it will use the standard title from your eCommerce store. This is the default for all customers.

You can add product attributes to a heading by using the following;

  • $sku – this is the SKU
  • $brandName – this is the brand name (if you have it)
  • $retailerName – your store name
  • $colours – if the product comes in different colours, the list of the colours as you described them, e.g. Coral, Midnight, Gunmetal
  • $standardColours as $colours except the colour names are as mapped to the standard colour names, e.g. Pink, Black, Grey for the above example
  • $productName – the name of a product
  • $shortDescription - the short description of the product if supplied
  • $detailedDescription – the long description of the product if supplied
  • $currency – the currency of the product e.g AUD
  • $amount – the products selling price e.g $89.95
  • $rrp: product's RRP price
  • $tax: tax component of the selling price
  • category: the product's assigned category in the retailer feed

You can also remove keywords or replace/add keywords using the -## ##- notation, e.g. with the product title "Full Moon Dress On Sale":

  • Set up a template to remove "On Sale": $productName -##On Sale##-
  • Output: Full Moon Dress

  • Set up a template to replace "On Sale" with "Buy Now" (note the | to split the two): $productName -##On Sale|Buy Now##-
  • Output: Full Moon Dress Buy Now

  • Set up a template to add extra keywords around "Dress" keyword: $productName -##Dress|Party Dress, Eveningwear##-
  • Output: Full Moon Party Dress, Eveningwear Buy Now

Here are some more examples:

  • Example title: Converse – Leather Hi Shoe and comes in red, white and black colours.
  • Template: $productName $colours NEW from My Shoe Store
  • Output: Converse – Leather Hi Shoe red, white, black NEW from My Shoe Store


  • Product attributes are case sensitive so always enter as above e.g $brandName or $sku
  • If you need to remove multiple pieces  texts, add the -##text1##- -##test2##- etc in sequence
  • Product titles are a maximum of 80 characters. If what you enter is over 80 characters, it will default back to the original title and no changes are applied
  • Use\ before $ if using a $ sign in your text for example if you want to add the text: Special Offer \$20 off for Autumn