Retailer Notified Failure - Cannot find a Magento mapping for shipping method

We have tried to send the order through to Magento for fulfilment but the order has failed due to the shipping method from the order not being mapped to a shipping method in Magento - when an order comes through into Magento it needs to know which shipping method to use.

To solve this:

  1. In Traderunner, from the left hand menu click ‘Settings’ ‘Magento feeds’ then 'Shipping Methods'

  2. Scroll down to ‘Mappings To Do’.

  3. From the drop down, select the appropriate Magento shipping method you want to use for any orders that come through for that particular shipping method then click 'Create'.

  4. Go back to the Order - from the left hand nav select 'Orders' - 'All Orders'
  5. Search for the order that failed. Click through to the full details of the order and click 'Send to Retailer Again'

  6. The order will then be sent through to Magento for fulfilment. Allow a few minutes for the order to go through the different stages.