To refund an order, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Cancel and refund the order in Trade Me
  2. Cancel the order in your own store
  3. Mark the order as 'Refunded' in Trade Runner
  4. You will need to manually deal with the order in your website (eg mark as cancelled)

1. How to cancel and refund the order in Trade Me:

Go to the 'My Trade Me' tab and click on 'sold'

From there click on 'payment received', below:

The next step is to click on the 'issue refund' button, below.

When you hover over the '?' (above) the following information is displayed (below):

Only one refund can take on a particular transaction, so either a full or partial refund.

If a further refund needs to take place on a transaction that has already been partially refunded, the Trade Me account manager will arrange for CS to contact the member and get their bank details.

We then forward those bank details on to our finance team who refunds the buyer out of the sellers 'Pay now/Ping' account.



If the order was placed over 45 days ago, there will be no record of the transaction on their account log in. 

It will however be in the Trade Me system but needs to be refunded by your Trade Me Account Manager or Customer Service.

3. How to mark the order as 'Refunded' in Trade Runner

  • Open Trade Runner
  • Select "Orders'" from the left hand navigation
  • Find the order and click through to the page which holds all the order information
  • Click the "Mark as refunded" button