If you intend to reduce the price of products permanently (e.g its the end of a season or end of a particular line of products) you need to mark these items as 'Clearance'.  Clearance products show as 'Clearance' on Trade Me and can stay on sale until they are all sold. This is different to a 'Sale' where the price is discounted for a period of time but goes back to a normal price at the end of the Sale.

How to mark products as Clearance in Trade Runner:

  1. Make sure that the prices of your products have an RRP that is greater than the Sale Price. If you need to change the price of the products in Trade Runner, you can do this under 'Promotions' in Trade Runner.
  2. Create a Product Group - go to 'Products - Product Groups'. Using the criteria available create the product group.
  3. Go to 'Products - Product Actions' and click 'Create Clearance Item'
  4. Enter a name, e.g Summer 2019 Clearance Items and choose the Product Group you created in step 1 above.
  5. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Trade Me'

Products marked as 'Clearance' will have a Red Clearance tag and will also show in search results if a buyer on Trade Me filters by 'Clearance' i.e