To add subtitles to ALL your products on Trade me:

  1. From the left hand nav select "Settings --> TradeMe --> General".

  2. Then enter the subtitle you wish to appear on all your Trade Me listings in the "Product subtitle" field, using plain text, exactly as you want it to appear. 

    PLEASE NOTE: if you want to add a $ sign into your Product Subtitle e.g. XMAS PROMO - Purchase above $80, receive FREE GIFT! For Trade Me to accept the sign it needs special treatmentEither escape a literal dollar sign \$80 or bracket the value expression ${80}

    e.g. XMAS PROMO - Purchase above \$80, receive FREE GIFT!

    or XMAS PROMO - Purchase above ${80}, receive FREE GIFT!

    (The \ or { } will not show to buyers)

  3. Click the "Update settings" button when finished.

  4. Return to the dashboard and click the "Upload to Trade Me" button to update your Trade Me listings with the new subtitle. Note that Trade Me Subtitles will not appear until your listings roll over and re-list.

Note: Any subtitle values you enter will be applied to ALL your listings on Trade Me. It is not currently possible to only apply subtitles to certain listings.