Trade Me have additional promotional features such as Gallery and Feature to draw attention to your listings on Trade Me. 

The following promotional features are available:

  • Feature: Featured listings ensure that your auctions are at the top of the listings within the category.
  • Gallery: Ensures your listing is in a good position in the category, making it more likely to be seen by buyers.
  • Gallery Plus: Gallery on listing a listing plus 2 relists, provided it didn't sell.  More information can be found here.
  • Super Feature/Home page combo: Displays up to three of your photos in a prominent, large carousel that appears above search results. Listings with Super Feature will also appear on the homepage in the relevant stripe. Super Feature runs for up to 7 days and is available in Motors, Property and in selected General Items categories.
  • Feature Combo: Ensures you have the best position in the category.Your listing is highlighted to make it stand out even more.  Feature combo is for the life of one listing.

Please note that additional charges apply to promotional features.  

Please take a look at Trade Me fees for more information.

If you have specific questions about the details of these Trade Me Features please contact Trade Me directly.

Add promotional features

Step 1:

Create a product group: Go to 'Products - Product Groups' in Trade Runner. In the Product Group, add the products you want the promotional feature to apply to. In this example, we will add the gallery feature to all products listed in the Trade Me category called 'Handbags'. The Trade Me category is in the 'AND Category(s)' field under 'Criteria'.

Step 2:

Go to  'Products - Product Actions' in the left navigation then click 'Create Promotional Extras'.

Step 3:

Add a Name, select 'Trade Me' for the marketplace then use the product group you created above. Finally, select the promotional feature you want to use e.g 'Gallery'. Click Save.

You should see a list of the Promotional features on the Product Actions page after saving. 

Step 4:

Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Trade Me' to apply these promotional features to your listings on Trade Me. Allow up to an hour for them to appear.

Remove Promotional Features

To remove any promotional features, go to 'Products  Product Actions'. A list of all Promotional Features will be displayed. Simply click 'Delete'. 

Then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Trade Me' to remove the listings from Trade Me. If you don't click 'Upload to Trade Me' it will happen in the next full product sync.


Product actions start to take affect during the next listing cycle.