If you are looking at upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we will need to create a new Trade Runner account for Magento 2. This is due to Magento 1 and Magento 2 being very different platforms.  The process is as follows:

1. Install the Trade Runner Extension 

Install the Magento 2 extension to your Magento 2 site. If you have a test Magento 2 site you can install to test first before production if you wish. Some retailers install straight to production, some install the extension to their test site first - we support either and when you connect to Trade Runner you are always connecting to the Production version of Trade Runner.

2. Set up Trade Runner

Once the Trade Runner Magento 2 extension is installed, create the Trade Runner account and complete the configuration/set up process which includes; Map Magento data fields to Trade Runner fields, Set up Shipping charges, choose Trade Me categories for all your products, send a test order from Trade Runner to Magento.

3. Remove existing listings, create new ones

Once we are happy with the set up, we will remove all listings from Trade Me and re-authorise your Trade Me account to your new Trade Runner Magento 2 set up. We then send up all products from Trade Runner to Trade Me. Trade Me will need to help with this step and there may be downtime for a few hours while the new listings are created.

Note that we will help to make sure that the process goes smoothly.