Bundles are a great way to increase the basket size of your customers cart, add accessories to primary products etc.

To create a bundle navigate to the Bundles section on the left hand menu

Next select the Bundles / Create New Bundle 

Complete the form fields, key mandatory fields are ;

Bundle Name

Bundle Short Description

Bundle Detailed Description

Bundle Image URL (if you do not know the URL this will be pulled from the FIRST product added in the bundle)

Start Date

End Date 

Sell Amount

All other fields are optional.

Finally include the relevant SKU's for the bundle.  These need to be added on each single line - no comas or semi colon's required.

When complete select the CREATE BUNDLE button.

Bundles will be applied after the next full product feed / sync.  If you wish to activate the bundle earlier then you can select the
APPLY ACTIVE BUNDLES button.  This will start a fresh product sync.