To map ALL products listed under a category in your own store, to a category on Trade Me:

  • Go to the products mapping page and click the "Categories" button from the top right corner.
  • If the suggested category is appropriate, simply click the check box and those products will all be listed under that Catgegory on Trade Me.


In this example, all products from the Accessories category will be listed in the Baby gear » Car seats » Accessories category on Trade Me:


  • ALL products in the store category will be mapped to the Trade Me category.  
  • If all the products in your store category don't match the single Trade Me category, you can map the exception products individually afterwards.

    For example, lets say you have a category with 60 products and 57 of those products map to a single category on Trade Me, but the other 3 don't.
    In this instance:
    • Map all products to the relevant category on Trade Me using the Category Mapping page (see screenshot above) 
    • Then map the 3 products separately in the 'Products Mapping' page (search for the 3 products and just add another mapping, this mapping will override the Category Mapping rule.)

  • Any newly imported products in Trade Runner that are part of a Category to Category or Product to Product mapping rule will continue map to that Trade Me Category by default.   
    If you do not want new products to fall into your existing mapping rules then you can delete the mapping rule from both the Product and Categories page.

    This applies when doing Product Mapping and Category Mapping.  If you select one of the Trade Runner suggested Categories this will 'Create a mapping rule' which Trade Runner will continue to use when uploading products to Trade Me.